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Glom onBoth tell the story of James Donovan's defense of a Russian spy in the late 1950's and the subsequent negotiation and exchange of Abel for an American spy pilot who had been captured by the RussiansOn I saw the movie, I knew that I would enjoy the book so that I could find out more about Colonel Abel and Francis Gary Powers(Roughly 90 percent of the book covers legal events and the rest discusses the prisoner swap itself)Donovan - not to be confused with fellow lawyer and OSS founder, William "Wild Bill" Donovan - gives a steady account of both the trial and the exchange on the Glienike Bridge, which spans the Havel River in Berlin."Strangers on a Bridge" isn't particularly exciting book, but it is written with a eye towards giving the truth, rather than the Hollywood version of the caseHe died in 1970, and was survived by his wife and four childrenBut the discussion of the legal arguments and Donovan's interactions with Abel were fascinating.There were a few touches of humour here and thereHe was a brilliant negotiator and passionate about justice and fairness


Donovan, who did genuinely believe every deserved a lawyer, came to be fascinated by his cultured, ruthless, brilliant client, and kept a diary Reissued because Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are making a movie, this is a 1964 memoir by James Donovan, a lawyer who had been a deputy prosecutor at Nuremberg, and who found his Adirondack vacation derailed by assignment to represent ColAs an aside, James Donovan is an impressive man who played a role in some of the most important historical events in the early 20th centuryIf you saw the movie and said "I wish there was more courtroom stuff" then this book is DEFINITELY for youHe was General Counsel for the OSS in WWII and assisted with the Nuremberg Trials after the warDonovan subsequently acted as chief counsel in major trials and appeals in over thirty states, and was an insurance lawyer and partner at Watters and Donovan.more flag Like see review These were the strangers on a bridge, men of East and West, representatives of two opposed worlds meeting in a moment of high dramaI dont know that he did convince them


There was no doubt about his guilt; yet he never gave up insisting that his lawyer keep appealing his case on one point or anotherRecommendEven knowing the outcome, I found the courtroom drama riveting, with a behind-the-scenes look at the defense's legal strategy and clear explanations of legal rulesIt is not an easy read but I found it worth reading because of the insights it gives into the time period,and into Donovan's thinking and processVisit for all your library and classroom resources(I think that the US government must have denied his spying, in the beginning, a The story was spruced up a little for the movie Strangers on a Bridge, but the real occurrences stand on their own to form a fascinating story


James B Donovan was a lawyer, a defense lawyer no lessApproaching them from the other side, under equally heavy guard, was Francis Gary Powers, the American U-2 spy plane pilot famously shot down by the Soviets, whose exchange for Abel Donovan had negotiatedDonovan explains that he took and continued with this case because he wanted to convince the world that the American justice system gives everyone a good defense and everyone a fair trialand crazyDonovan Along with the legal work, the book reflects the growth of the lawyer's professional relationship with James Donovan was already a very well respected, accomplished attorney when he took on the defense of spymaster Rudolf Abel, whom he subsequently defended with the greatest integrity and skillPlus, receive updates on new releases, recommended reads and more from Simon & SchusterWhen the Spielberg movie, Bridge of Spies, came out last year, the only name I recognized was Gary Powers.more flag Like see review Abel was a cultivated man, proficient in many things, and despite the odds, made friends of the prison guards, spoke several languages fluently, and was completely dedicated to Soviet Communism.Beginning with the District Court in Brooklyn Donovan appealed Abels case all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States

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